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  2. 3 Ways to Check if a 100 Dollar Bill Is Real - wikiHow


    1 Look at the serial numbers. The serial number should correspond to the series. The serial number appears in the upper left and lower right corners. If the serial number doesn’t correspond to the series, then you are dealing with a counterfeit. [1] If the bill is series 2009, then the serial number should begin with J.

  3. How to Spot Counterfeit Money | Personal Finance | U.S. News


    July 25, 2022, at 2:57 p.m. If you hold the bill toward the light and there's no watermark or if you can see the watermark even without holding it up toward the light, then the bill you're...

  4. Decoding Dollars $100 | U.S. Currency Education Program


    Decoding the $100: Feel, Tilt, Check It only takes a few simple steps to check the security features and know the note you are handling is genuine U.S. currency. To check the security features in the $100 note, feel the paper, tilt the note, and check with light. Feel The Paper Move your finger across the note.

  5. Spot Counterfeit Currency: 4 Simple Ways | St. Louis Fed


    1. Trust your touch. Feeling a bill can be one of the easiest ways to tell whether money is real or fake. An authentic note will actually feel slightly rough to the touch, as U.S. currency uses a unique printing process that results in slightly raised ink. Is the bill you’re holding smooth? It might be a counterfeit. 2. See the light.

  6. How to Spot Counterfeit Dollars | Hills Bank


    It is located to the right of the portrait on $5, $10, and $50 bills and to the left of the portrait on $20 and $100 bills. However, this thread text can be faked, which is why we recommend using an ultraviolet light to also see the correct color listed on the currency note: $5 bill: Blue. $10 bill: Orange. $20 bill: Green.